Top Cops Throw 99th Surprise Birthday Party

Today’s Top Cops are the officers at Merrill Police Department who threw Lenore Ehlers a party on her 99th birthday.


The details of Lenore’s party and her relationship with Merrill Police Department are below, as seen on the Merrill Police Department Facebook page:


“Members of the Merrill Police Department joined in with a special birthday party this afternoon for Lenore Ehlers. Lenore's birthday is special as she turned 99 years old today. Lenore is dear to us because she is the widow of Merrill Police Captain Elmer Krueger who was killed in the line of duty in 1952 while making an arrest. Lenore has experienced many things in her 99 years, and we are especially proud that she has become a member of our family again. We know Lenore's family follows us on Facebook so feel free to share a birthday wish with her right here! And yes, we plan to share another birthday party next year on this date, although it likely will not be quite the same surprise. Special thanks goes out to Mike Caylor of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the staff and residents at Park Place, and especially Lenore's family for making this surprise celebration possible!!”


Attorney General Brad Schimel believes deeply in supporting families of law enforcement, and applauds Merrill PD for throwing a very special birthday party. Happy Birthday Lenore!