Amery Police Department Assistant Chief Leads by Example

Today’s “Top Cop” story was submitted by Amery Police Department Officer Crystal Zacharias. Please read the story below that Officer Zacharias shared in her nomination of Joseph Vierkandt, Assistant Chief of Amery Police Department for “Top Cop”.


I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge an individual who has set an exceptional example within our department on what it means to be a law enforcement officer who goes beyond what is expected and required and who has shown a true selfless service to the public in which he serves and to the individuals he leads. Joseph Vierkandt, Assistant Chief of Amery Police Department is an individual deserving of being described as Top Cop.


I have worked with Assistant Chief Vierkandt for approximately 16 months. Within that time frame I have observed qualities that are to be exemplified. Joseph Vierkandt came into his role as Assistant Chief in January 2015. Since that time he has proven to be a trusted and respected mentor and a motivating, inspiring leader who strives for excellence and instills confidence, discipline, and passion into his fellow officers. Assistant Chief Vierkandt has lead and encouraged his officers to continue training and education, allowing them to deepen their knowledge and become innovative in their individual strengths. Within Amery Police Department it is our commitment to protect and serve the people of our community with compassion, courtesy, diligence and the highest personal and organizational integrity while maintaining a true partnership. Joseph Vierkandt has demonstrated this by actively connecting with the people of Amery through participating in community events such as movies in the park, youth scholarships, torch runs for special Olympics, donations to families in need during the holidays, incorporating drug awareness programs into the school district as well as presenting the department’s first sexual assault awareness program, becoming a familiar face to Amery’s youth by implementing a program encouraging officers to have lunch with the students and connect on a personal level, and educating students and staff on ALERRT active shooter training. He is also a part of the DEC team and a tactical firearms instructor. Assistant Chief Vierkandt brought the City of Amery its first K-9 unit. While undertaking all of the above he has also set an example to stay ambitious and is at present furthering his college degree.


Joseph Vierkandt is an individual that leads by example and works alongside those he leads creating an environment that bridges the gap between the individual, organization, and community to create unity.