Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy's Quick Action Saves Life of Tomahawk Man

Today’s “Top Cop” story was submitted by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Communications Officer Michael Caylor. Please read the story below that Mr. Caylor shared in his nomination of Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Heisel for “Top Cop.”



On Friday, June 17th, 2016 Sheriff Jeff Jaeger joined officials at Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital as they recognized emergency responders from Tomahawk EMS and Sacred Heart along with Deputy Dan Heisel for saving the life of a Tomahawk man.


During the early morning hours of May 6th, 2016 the victim, Curtis Garrison, phoned 911 and told the operator he was short of breath. After providing that information Garrison collapsed.


Deputy Dan Heisel was on patrol a few miles away and heard the dispatch for Tomahawk EMS to respond to the scene which was north of Tomahawk in the Town of Bradley. Deputy Heisel arrived at the Garrison home three minutes later at the same time as Shawn Black, a paramedic from Tomahawk EMS who was off duty and on his way to work.   Black had heard the call and stopped with Heisel, hoping to render assistance.


When Heisel and Black approached the house they found Garrison collapsed inside the foyer. They made entry into the home, removed him out on the front lawn, and began life saving measures including CPR.


When Tomahawk EMS arrived on the scene seven minutes after the call Paramedic Valerie Caylor and EMT Adam Loka found that the victim had regained pulses and was breathing on his own. By the time the victim was loaded into a helicopter he was talking.


On Friday, Curtis Garrison joined Sheriff Jaeger as he presented Deputy Heisel with his agency’s Life Saving Award. Paramedic Black was also recognized for his efforts that morning.


In presenting the award Sheriff Jaeger recognized Deputy Heisel and the entire emergency team by stating, “The actions of all of these responders clearly demonstrates what we see every day in Wisconsin, when ordinary people using their superb skills and training get together and do extraordinary things. Because of the action of these people gathered here this morning a life has been saved. We are very blessed to have such dedicated individuals and wonderful emergency services in our community."