UPDATE: Mt. Pleasant Officer Involved Shooting

Jun 23 2019

MT. PLEASANT, Wis. – On  Saturday, June 15th, at approximately 1:35 a.m., a Mount Pleasant Police Department (MPPD) officer was involved in an officer-involved use of force incident in the 2500 block of Racine Street. The preliminary investigation revealed that the MPPD officer involved attempted to make contact with an individual on a bicycle when this individual fled from the officer. Following a short foot pursuit, the officer observed that the individual was armed.


The preliminary investigation further revealed that less-lethal efforts to address this threat were unsuccessful, and commands issued to the armed individual were ignored. Lethal force was subsequently used to address the threat of the uncooperative individual. Life saving measures were rendered; however, such measures were unsuccessful.


The deceased has been identified as Tyrese West, an 18 year old Racine resident.


The Racine Police Department was requested to respond to and initial the investigation into this OIS. This investigation remains ongoing at this time, with investigative support from the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).



The investigation into the officer involved shooting remains ongoing at this time.


This incident involved Sergeant Eric Giese, a 12-year veteran of the Village of Mount Pleasant Police Department. Sergeant Giese has been a sergeant for a year and a half. Immediately following the incident, Sergeant Giese was placed on administrative leave, per department policy following an officer involved critical incident.


At the time of the incident, Sergeant Giese was attempting to stop the fleeing subject who was on a bicycle. The officer pursued on foot and observed the individual was armed with a gun. Various non-lethal methods were used unsuccessfully by Sgt. Giese in an attempt to address the threat, including verbal commands and the deployment of electronic control devices. Lethal force was subsequently deployed. Life saving measures were rendered; however, such measures were unsuccessful.


A handgun was recovered at the scene.


Members of the Racine Police Department Investigative Division and a Racine Police Department Chaplain made notification to the immediate family on the date of the incident; follow-up contact with immediate family members will occur as the facts become known and additional information is available to share with them.


No further information is available for release at this time.


All media inquiries should be directed to DOJ Communications at or (608) 266-1220.