Judge Grants Summary Judgment, Blocking the Trump Administration’s “Refusal of Care” Rule

Nov 6 2019

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul announced today the decision by a judge to grant summary judgment blocking the implementation of the Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services “refusal of care” rule.


“The district court found that this Trump administration rule ‘puts in jeopardy billions of dollars in federal health care funds’ and ‘applies across the vast health care industry,’” said Attorney General Kaul. “The court’s decision to strike that rule down is a victory for reliable health care services.”


In May 2019, Attorney General Kaul joined a coalition of 23 cities, states, and municipalities, in filing a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York challenging a Trump Administration rule that would allow individuals and institutions to refuse certain legal medical care to patients on religious or moral grounds.