AG Schimel Testifies at Marsy's Law Hearing

Jun 15 2017

Earlier today, Attorney General Brad Schimel testified on Marsy’s Law at the State Capitol during a joint hearing of the Senate and Assembly public safety committees.


The criminal justice system and our communities rely on crime victims to be willing to come forward and help us hold criminals accountable. If we are to expect victims to participate in the criminal justice system, they must perceive the justice system as a place where they will be treated fairly. Passage of this amendment will send the message to crime victims that the criminal justice system will be a safe place for them to seek services and assert their rights. The Department of Justice looks forward to continuing to assist victims through law enforcement, District Attorneys, and advocacy groups as we do now. Whether through our Office of Crime Victim Services, or through our exceptional grant programs, we will continue to ensure victims are not forgotten, and their rights are honored.


A copy of AG Schimel’s testimony is attached.