AG Schimel Supports Common Sense Litigation Reforms

Nov 30 2017

MADISON, Wis. – Attorney General Brad Schimel announced his support for the Wisconsin Civil Litigation Reform Bill (LRB-4700), which was introduced today by Reps. Mark Born and John Nygren, and Sens. Tom Tiffany and Dave Craig. Attorney General Schimel, who helped the authors craft this legislation, highlighted the benefits it would bring to Wisconsin taxpayers and the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ).


“These common-sense reforms will make litigation simpler, less expensive for taxpayers, and more in line with the vast majority of states and the federal court system,” said Attorney General Schimel. “As the state’s top civil defense law firm, DOJ’s representation of Wisconsin’s interests in court will benefit greatly from these efforts to reduce court costs and streamline our civil litigation system.”


DOJ is charged with representing the state, its departments, agencies, public officials, and state employees in federal and state court litigation. The department currently employs 177 legal professionals, including 104 assistant attorney generals, in its Division of Legal Services, which has an annual budget of $19.8 million. Assistant attorneys general appear in court nearly every day defending Wisconsin’s interests throughout the State.