AG Schimel Statement Regarding Proposed Funding for New Prosecutor Positions

Feb 21 2018

MADISON, Wis. – Today, Representatives John Nygren and Mark Born introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 54 that will add a total of 53.75 GPR funded assistant district attorney positions in 40 counties.  


Attorney General Brad Schimel released the following statement in response:


“Prosecutors are the lynchpin of the criminal justice system. Throughout my nearly 30-year prosecutorial career, I have been a zealous advocate for additional district attorney positions and resources, including the successful passage of DA pay progression in 2011 and full funding of pay progression in 2017, because I understand what it’s like to be in the trenches. The representatives’ proposal to provide over 50 new prosecutors is the solution to one of the biggest challenges in our criminal justice system.


“Through my county public safety roundtable meetings across the state, close work with the teams at our 71 DA’s offices, and from personal experience, I have seen that we are at a crisis point in our DAs offices. Thanks to this proposal we will avoid it. For several sessions, legislators from both parties have acknowledged that the prosecutor program is vastly understaffed. While crime has gotten more complex, staffing levels have changed minimally from the 1990s when the few internet crimes were simple, DNA evidence was uncommon, and we didn’t have critical but labor intensive Treatment Alternative and Diversion programs.


“I applaud Representatives Nygren and Born for their leadership on this proposal and their continued commitment to improving our criminal justice system.”