AG Schimel Reports Success of Division of Law Enforcement Services Training

Sep 5 2017

MADISON, Wis. – AG Schimel is proud to announce the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) has hosted 187 training events for approximately 10,000 law enforcement officers, support personnel, prosecutors, and victim-witness professionals since January 1, 2015.


“Wisconsin is at the forefront of law enforcement officer training,” said Attorney General Schimel. “In addition to prioritizing officer wellness training for all levels of law enforcement leadership, we revised our academy last year. Other states have started to look at our academy as a model for developing and revising their own academies. This summer, representatives from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center came to Madison to meet with DOJ’s Training and Standards Bureau staff to discuss our academy program.”


Every year, DOJ hosts conferences and trainings for the more than 16,000 certified Wisconsin law enforcement, jail, and secure juvenile detention officers who are statutorily required to complete 24 hours of annual recertification training. The agency also provides instructor updates and training seminars for new chiefs of police, jail administrators, and sheriffs. Career development programs for mid- to senior-level law enforcement executives are also facilitated and sponsored by DOJ, including First Line Supervisor Training; Leadership in Police Organizations, which is the flagship leadership development training program of the International Association of Chiefs of Police; and the Command College, a nationally accredited leadership and management development training program that is a joint venture of the University of Wisconsin and DOJ.


In addition to the above trainings, DOJ also awarded 47 specialized training grants in the amount of $233,000 to external criminal justice organizations and associations which in turn provided advanced training for more than 4,200 certified Wisconsin law enforcement, jail, and secure juvenile detention officers.


DOJ is consistently innovating and improving existing trainings offered to law enforcement officers and executives. DOJ’s Instructor Updates, which train more than 1,000 certified instructors annually, previously cost more than $150,000 to run. Today, 12 of these trainings occur annually at approximately 10% of the original cost.


During the most recent fiscal year (FY17), DOJ expended roughly $2 million for tuition and other training related expenses for approximately 1,000 law enforcement, jail, and secure juvenile detention recruits who completed basic officer training at 22 statewide academies certified by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board.


The DOJ reimburses $160 per certified officer to assist with recertification training expenses. During FY17, the DOJ reimbursed approximately $2.3 million for recertification training expenses.


Law enforcement training funding is derived from the Law Enforcement Training Fund which is supported by a penalty surcharge on court fines and forfeitures.