AG Schimel Releases New PSA on Heroin Abuse

Nov 29 2016

MADISON, Wis. – Four out of five heroin users started by abusing prescription painkillers. Attorney General Brad Schimel’s newest public service announcement, a 30 second ad, titled “Wrong Path”, was released today and warns Wisconsinites about the dangerous link between prescription painkillers and heroin through a fictional, yet realistic, account of one young man’s journey from sports injury to drug overdose, a reality faced by many people across the nation. The Wisconsin Department of Justice, under AG Schimel’s leadership, has been leading drug abuse prevention and drug trafficking enforcement to prevent more of our friends and neighbors from having their lives altered by these addicting drugs.


“We will only end the opiate epidemic if we prevent additional victims from getting hooked in the first place,” said Attorney General Schimel. “The content of this ad may seem shocking, but this epidemic has claimed thousands of lives in our state over the last decade and the reality of heroin use and its link to prescription drugs needs to be brought to the forefront.”


The dose of reality is: 70% of people who are addicted to prescription opioids got their first pills, not from a street dealer, but improperly from a family member or friend. And with so many who are abusing prescription opioids eventually turning to heroin, every household in this state has to take steps to stop the opiate epidemic.


People at home can take the following actions to prevent opiate abuse in Wisconsin:


  1. Take prescription medications only as prescribed to you.
  2. Store prescription medications safely and securely.
  3. Dispose of unused prescriptions properly and promptly. To find a drug disposal unit near you, go to:


AG Schimel’s Dose of Reality public awareness campaign launched in September 2015. The campaign’s goal is to inform and educate the public; warn of the dangers of inadequate storage and disposal of prescription painkillers; inform each audience as to the role they play in education and abuse, from businesses to the medical industry to schools too young people; and to encourage positive action in response to the opioid epidemic.

“Wrong path” will run online and before videos that are viewed on mobile devices.


For more information and materials to share on prescription painkiller abuse in Wisconsin, go to: