AG Kaul Issues Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Regarding the Challenge to Wisconsin’s Election Results

Dec 14 2020

MADISON, Wis. – Attorney General Josh Kaul issued the following statement regarding the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling on the challenge to Wisconsin’s election results.


“Today’s decision is a repudiation of a sordid attempt to steal the authority to award our electoral votes away from the people of Wisconsin. The will of the people has prevailed.


“In this case, the President of the United States sought the capricious disenfranchisement of over 200,000 Wisconsinites based on post-election interpretations of the election laws and application of those new interpretations in just two of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling puts an end to this affront to democracy and equal protection under the law.


“The flood in several states of post-election challenges that never had a chance to succeed on the legal merits is, however, major cause for concern. That this attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election has failed so spectacularly and consistently is a testament to the durability of the safeguards of our liberty. But we must act to strengthen those safeguards to ensure that any future attempt to corrupt our democracy is also warded off. A great place to start would be by bolstering the protection of our right to vote—including through the passage of a constitutional amendment expressly providing for that right and of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”