AG Kaul Issues Statement Regarding the Vos-Gableman Report

Mar 1 2022

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul released the following statement regarding the report issued today by former Justice Michael Gableman.


“This report is a full-throated attack on our democracy and a truly shocking example of the authoritarian mindset at work.


“The report provides a roadmap for attempting to overturn the will of the voters based on a fringe legal theory. It includes recommendations that would restrict access to voting and make it harder to detect fraud. And it disparages due process and public records requests because they are inconvenient to certain individuals with power.


“The Vos-Gableman investigation will long be remembered as a shameful, deeply embarrassing episode for our state legislature. The Republicans in the legislature who are responsible for this train wreck have an obligation to our democracy to condemn and end this preposterous fake investigation.”