AG Kaul Announces New Use of Force and Arrest-Related Death Data Dashboard

May 9 2022

96% of Wisconsin Law Enforcement Agencies Reporting, Covering 99.9% of Wisconsin’s Population


MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul today announced that the Bureau of Justice Information and Analysis (BJIA) in the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Law Enforcement Services has released a new dashboard detailing use of force and arrest-related death data collected from law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin.


“The release of this data marks the first time that our state government has made comprehensive, statewide use-of-force data available to the public. This information will allow for a more comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of use-of-force incidents in Wisconsin,” said AG Kaul. “Thank you to the law enforcement agencies across the state whose commitment to transparency has ensured that use-of-force data for agencies serving 99% of Wisconsinites will be publicly available.”


UFAD reports are reflected in the data when one or more of the following occurs:

  • An officer utilizes force that results in the death of a person.
  • An officer utilizes force that results in the great bodily harm of a person.
  • An officer discharges their firearm at or in the direction of a person.
  • A person dies while detained, arrested, or in the course of being arrested.


The data, required by Wisconsin Statute 165.845 and the national Death in Custody Reporting Act of 2013, shows 96% of all Wisconsin law enforcement agencies reporting, covering 99.9% of Wisconsin’s population.


Learn more about the data here.