Consumer Resources


If you believe that you have been the victim of a crime, contact your local police department or sheriff’s department.


The Division of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection handles most consumer complaints in Wisconsin.


The Department of Financial Institutions regulates financial services such as banks and credit unions, credit cards, debut adjustment loans, and debt collection agencies. It also regulates charities.


The Department of Transportation regulates automobile sales.


The Educational Approval Program oversees some private, for-profit colleges.


The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance regulates insurance companies.




The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau oversees federal laws that affect banks and credit unions, credit cards, and loans.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission issues recalls of consumer products that pose an unreasonable risk of injury or death.


The Federal Trade Commission protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices in the marketplace.





If you need legal advice or representation you may want to contact a private attorney. The State Bar of Wisconsin Lawyer Referral and Information Service can help you determine if you need a lawyer, and how to proceed if you do.


Both of Wisconsin’s law schools have student clinics that may provide some help.


Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic (Milwaukee)


University of Wisconsin Law School Consumer Law Clinic (Madison)