WSCL Drug Cases

This dashboard provides a distinct count of Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory (WSCL) cases in which the selected drug type was listed as one of the substances identified and the date in which the case was closed (when the case had a report issued) falls within the year that was selected.

Notes: Cases may be counted more than once across selections if the drug type contains multiple substances (e.g. Fentanyl/Meth will be counted in both the Fentanyl and Meth reports) or if the drug falls into multiple drug type selections (e.g. Fentanyl will be counted in both the Fentanyl and Rx Opioid selections). Cases that are open at the time the data was last updated are not included. The counts include residue cases. Cases without a county identified are included in the statewide totals, but are not displayed in a particular county. Counts for 2019 only include data up to the date the data was last updated.