Trace Evidence Unit


The Trace Evidence Unit analyzes a broad spectrum of physical evidence to determine if the evidence could be connected to a suspect or victim. In addition, the Trace Evidence Unit examines a variety of substances for identification or comparison purposes. The Trace Evidence Unit is located at the Milwaukee Laboratory. To support the unit, there are two Trace Evidence positions.


For more information on types of trace evidence please refer here.  


Trace Evidence : Caseload and Case Type


In 2016 the Trace Evidence Unit saw a 10% decrease in cases submitted for analysis as well as decrease in turnaround time by fourteen days. The decrease in turnaround time was observed in both arson (27 to 22 days) and other investigations (59 to 48 days). As demonstrated by the graph below a majority of cases worked in the Unit are arson and homicide related. The remainder of the caseload included a broad assortment of investigations.