Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

What is a Medical Forensic Examiner?

Sexual assault forensic examiners perform the medical forensic exam, gather information for the medical forensic history, collect and document forensic evidence, and document pertinent physical findings from patients. They offer information, treatment, and referrals for sexually transmitted infections (STIs),and other nonacute medical concerns; assess pregnancy risk and discuss treatment options with the patient, including reproductive health services; and testify in court if needed. They coordinate with advocates to ensure patients are offered crisis intervention, support, and advocacy before, during, and after the exam process and encourage use of other victim services. They may follow up with patients for medical and forensic purposes. Other health care personnel who may be involved include, but are not limited to, emergency medical technicians, staff at hospital emergency departments, gynecologists, surgeons, private physicians, health care interpreters, and/or local, tribal, campus, or military health services personnel. 


Medical/Forensic Training for Adult and Adolescent includes the following and this curriculum meets the Educational Standards of the International Association of Forensic Nurses


 I. Overview of Forensic Nursing and Sexual Violence

 II. Victim Responses and Crisis Intervention

 III. Collaborating with Community Agencies

 IV. Medicolegal History Taking

 V. Observing and Assessing Physical Examination Findings

 VI. Medicolegal Specimen Collection

 VII. Medicolegal Photography

 VIII. Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing and Prophylaxis

 IX. Pregnancy Testing and Prophylaxis

 X. Medicolegal Documentation

 XI. Discharge and Followup Planning

 XII. Courtroom Testimony and Legal Considerations


For questions concerning training registration please contact our Program Coordinator Leah Varnadoe at or (608) 266-0936. For more information about the program, please visit the website.