Forensic Imaging


The Forensic Imaging Unit’s primary responsibilities consist of photographing and processing images for latent print and footwear analysis, video and image analysis for external agencies, processing images for Crime Scene Response, and photographing evidence. The Forensic Imaging Unit differs from the other laboratory units in that much of its work is in support of other units, as opposed to cases received directly from submitters.  Forensic Imaging Units are located in all three Bureau locations: Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau. To support the unit, there are six total Forensic Imaging positions.


In addition to casework related tasks, the Imaging staff complete requests at all levels of the organization. These tasks include, but are not limited to: preparation of court presentations, teaching Evidence Technician courses, conducting photography training both internally and externally, and completing many other audio/visual projects as necessary. These unseen duties, conducted routinely, facilitate work flow throughout the WSCL.


Forensic Imaging : Caseload and Case Type


In 2016 the Forensic Imaging Unit saw a 37% decrease in cases submitted for analysis.  A work order is an internal request for imaging analysis.  Loss of trained analysts as well as training of new analysts affected the overall turnaround time on imaging cases.  As demonstrated by the graph below, a majority of caseload in the Unit are from homicides, property crimes, and possession of a controlled substance.