DNA Databank


The DNA Databank Unit is responsible for receiving, verifying acceptability, and processing reference DNA samples from convicted offenders and a subset of arrestees. The reference DNA profiles obtained from these samples are then uploaded into the Wisconsin DNA Databank. The Wisconsin DNA Databank contains over 300,000 offender and arrestee DNA profiles.  The Wisconsin DNA Databank is maintained in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes §165.77


To compare DNA profiles electronically, Wisconsin uses a tool called the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, which is managed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. CODIS includes DNA profiles collected from known convicted offenders and arrestees, as well as, unknown missing persons, unidentified human remains, and crime scene evidence. CODIS enables federal, state, and local forensic laboratories to share DNA profiles, thereby linking crime scenes to each other or to a reference DNA sample collected from a known arrestee or convicted offender. Through the expansion of database laws, the number of DNA profiles being searched in CODIS continues to dramatically increase.


When a match occurs, the DNA Databank executes a series of steps to confirm the information and DNA profiles and then provides the identifying information to law enforcement as an investigative lead. Wisconsin has provided more than 10,737 investigate leads since 2001. Data collected from these investigative leads demonstrates the value of the program; about 35% of cases producing an investigative lead are a violent crime such as homicide or sexual assault.  


DNA Databank Reference Sample Collection


Department of Corrections personnel, law enforcement officers, or other trained personnel collect samples from convicted offenders and those arrested for a qualifying violent felony. These samples are collected pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes §165.76 & §165.765. Qualifying offenses are listed in Wisconsin State Statutes §165.76, 938.34(15), 973.047, and various others. To facilitate consistency in training and high-quality reference DNA sample collection throughout Wisconsin, the DNA Databank kits are offered at no cost to law enforcement agencies. DNA Databank kits can be ordered through Document Sales and the submission form is accessible on eTIME.


Services Provided


Familial Search

As of January 2018, the Wisconsin DNA Databank accepts requests for Familial Searching. For more information please see this page


*Note: Familial Search is not the same as Forensic Genetic Genealogy Testing, which is not currently performed by the DFS.



This training provides information on how to collect a sample for the DNA Databank as well as an interactive forum to discuss the function of the Databank, the intricacies of Wisconsin offender collection laws, and commonly observed errors. Questions about scheduling training can be directed to DNADatabank@doj.state.wi.us.



An expungement is the complete removal of a DNA profile from CODIS and the physical destruction of the associated DNA sample and information pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes (§165.77(4)). In order to request an expungement of DNA records, you or your legal representative must submit DNA Databank Record Expungement Request DJ-LE-177 to:


Wisconsin State Crime Lab

ATTN: DNA Databank

4626 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53705


If you request expungement of your DNA records, you must include a certified court record establishing that each qualifying conviction was reversed, set aside or vacated or that the qualifying arrest was dismissed. If this information is not provided the DNA record will not be expunged.  If any other qualifying events exist in your criminal history, the DNA records will not be expunged.


Offender Correspondence

A formal request can be made to the DNA Databank about the status of your reference DNA sample. This request must be in the form of a letter from the individual or their legal counsel. Requests by a third party other than a legal representative will not be considered. The request must include: your full name, date of birth, Wisconsin Department of Corrections identification number (if known), and any other information relevant to your request. Requests may be mailed to:


Wisconsin State Crime Lab

ATTN: DNA Databank

4626 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53705



DNA Databank Expungement Request DJ-LE-177

DNA Databank Submission Form DJ-LE-106

DNA Databank Qualifying Offense Information

DNA Databank Collection Poster

DNA Databank Kit Ordering Instructions

Guidelines for Capturing Acceptable Fingerprints


Contact Information 

Please direct any questions about the DNA Databank to DNADatabank@doj.state.wi.us or refer to the contact information for the Madison Crime Laboratory.