TIME and Technical Unit

TIME & Technical Supervisor
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The (CIB) operates and manages the Transaction Information for the Management of Enforcement or TIME System. The TIME System is the law enforcement message switch and network that provides criminal justice employees with critical information on wants and warrants, drivers license and vehicle registration information, criminal histories, protection order and injunction files, sex offender and corrections information, stolen property, missing persons, and more. The TIME System connects over 10,700 criminal justice computers in Wisconsin to over 400,000 criminal justice computers across the nation and Canada. Information about training, audits, newsletters, forms and more can be found on WILENET.


Staff Responsibilities

The TIME & Technical Services Unit is staffed by 7 full-time employees. The team provides telephone and in-person support and troubleshooting to criminal justice agencies. This team can handle any problem but the most common requests for assistance include: 

The eTIME browser makes much TIME System data available to authorized users via the Internet. eTIME allows users any time and almost anywhere access (certain limitations exist) to criminal justice information. Portal 100 is software used by many law enforcement agencies to connect to the TIME System to perform queries and make entries such as wanted and missing persons, stolen vehicles and articles, and protection orders/injunctions, interface connections. TRAIN stands for Training Resources Available on the Internet and is an online learning tool for the law enforcement community. Each person with access to the TIME System is required to complete some form of training. Training requirements are based on the type of use. TRAIN allows TIME System users to complete their training at their own pace, anytime and anywhere that is most convenient for them. applications and fingerprint submissions. Half of the team focuses on making sure the system is fully functional and that agencies have appropriate access to the system and critical information. The other half of the team conducts statewide TIME System training for criminal justice personnel. This half of the team is also responsible for conducting a triennial audit of each agency connected to the TIME System.