Criminal History Unit

The Criminal History Unit is responsible for maintaining Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), including demographic information, arrest and charge information, and related final disposition reports from the District Attorney/Prosecutor, Clerk of Court, municipal court or correctional agencies.  The criminal history unit works cooperatively with submitting agencies, courts and prosecutors to ensure records are corrected when necessary.  When an individual would like to challenge information on their record or wish to have their criminal record removed the request is processed by this unit. 


The Criminal History Unit also provides public access to CHRI and manages the Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS). Anyone may obtain this information from CIB provided they pay the fee established by the legislature. The general public is prohibited from accessing juvenile information, which is restricted by law.


The unit is also responsible for the following:

  • Processing all incoming and outgoing electronic or paper documents
  • Scanning paper fingerprint submissions or correcting errored livescan submissions
  • Court corrections of electronic or paper dispositions
  • Correspondence and photographs submitted electronically or by paper are electronically archived