UFAD Data Explorer

Welcome to the Wisconsin Use-of-Force and Arrest-Related Death (UFAD) Data Explorer!


This dashboard provides a dynamic and interactive way to access UFAD data, in place of static tables or reports. The left and right arrows along the bottom of the dashboard will allow you to navigate between the different pages of the dashboard, while the expanding arrows icon on the bottom right will allow you to view the dashboard in full screen mode when clicked. Please click the “How to Use This Dashboard” button on page one of the dashboard for more details on navigation, filtering options, data sources, counting rules and limitations. 


This dashboard was developed and is maintained by the Bureau of Justice Information and Analysis (BJIA), of the WI Department of Justice; it's refreshed regularly, and new features will be added over time, so come back soon! 


If you need something other than what is available here, or if you have comments or questions about the dashboards or the UFAD data collection, please email statsanalysis@doj.state.wi.us