Office of Crime Scene Response


The DFS staffs a Crime Scene Response Unit (CSRU) consisting of four full time individuals in addition to approximately 30 analysts from various units throughout the laboratory who all volunteer for CSRU. The CSRU provides on-call Crime Scene Response Teams (CSRT) at the Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau Laboratories 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The CSRU responds to calls of assistance from law enforcement agencies for scene processing at major crime scenes including homicides, death investigations, and officer involved critical incidents. Crime Scene Response vehicles are equipped to aid in the recognition, documentation, recovery, and preservation of physical materials which may have evidentiary value.


Services Provided



Crime Scene Documentation

-Scene Documentation including photography with high resolution cameras, videography, diagrams and written reports

-Various scene processing techniques including Amido Black and Leucocrystal Violet

-Evidence collection with the understanding of how to carefully package and preserve the best potential evidence on each item

-Specialized processing for biological fluids including Luminol and Alternate Light Source

-Shooting reconstruction (trajectory)

-Bloodstain pattern recognition and documentation

-Clandestine grave processing

-Vehicle processing



- Crime Scene Processing Course


Contact Information

Please see the map below for the service areas for the Madison (608)266-2031, Milwaukee (414)382-7500, and Wausau (715)845-8626 Laboratories. Call the lab in your service area if you need assistance.


Please note that the CSRU service area is different than the standard (case submission) service area.