Evidence Technician School


The Wisconsin Department of Justice offers free 40-hour Evidence Technician Schools around the state. Instruction at these schools is provided by Forensic Scientists from the WSCLB, Division of Criminal Investigation Agents, and Law Enforcement from Wisconsin.  These Evidence Technician Schools cover the detection, documentation, preservation, collection and submission of evidence. Any full-time local, county or state law enforcement officer employed in Wisconsin is eligible to attend (full-time civilian evidence technician positions will also be considered for selection to attend this course). 


More information  can be found on the private side of WILENET under the drop down menus: DOJ, Crime Laboratory, Evidence Tech School.




Applicants must have the approval of their agency chief executive before applying. Please see course details on WILENET for equipment requirements.


To Apply


The WSCLB accepts all applications for attendance, however, not all applicants will be offered a seat in the class. All applicants will undergo a selection process; seats are not determined on a first come, first serve basis.  All applicants will be notified one week following the application deadline of their status.  


To apply, go to WILENET, utilize the drop-down menu under the "Training Events" tab to  "Search for Courses."  Search for the WSCLB sponsored Evidence Technician Schools under "All Training Courses".  These schools will be titled "Evidence Technician School" followed by the school's location. The internet address at the bottom of each of the announcements will provide additional information about the training site.  Register for the school by clicking the "Register" button in the upper or lower right corners of this information page.  


Course dates and locations are posted in December for the upcoming year.  


Contact Information


For more information contact :

Molly Ross

Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory Bureau-Madison

(608) 266-2031