Forensic Imaging


The Forensic Imaging Unit (F.I.U.) provides Photographic and Video Imaging services for all disciplines within the Crime Laboratories as well as for Law Enforcement agencies and Attorneys throughout the State of Wisconsin. Items of evidence requiring further examination can be digitally recorded while maintaining a true and accurate record of the physical evidence.  


The F.I.U. utilizes specialized lighting techniques, hi-resolution imaging equipment and computer applications to record and recover information that is often not visible to the human eye. Additionally, the F.I.U. will examine and enhance submitted images and video; recovering detail from a variety of submission types.  Some examples include: images captured of impression evidence at a crime scene, video surveillance footage, images recovered from a suspects cameras or old damaged film recovered in a cold case file.
The F.I.U. analyzes, duplicates, produces and enhances images from various forms of media: ie: VHS tapes, Film, DVR recordings and many other forms of media or image capture devices.


Services Provided




General Imaging
- High Resolution Imaging of Evidence

- 3D Imaging and model generation of evidence 
- Full Spectrum Imaging (Ultra Violet through Infrared)


Video and Image Analysis
- Demultiplexing
- Isolation of time periods of interest
- Enhancements
- Pattern Removal

- Frame Averaging
- Comparisons of questioned items to known items


Analogue to Digital Conversion
- Converting film to high resolution digital images (from microfiche to 11X17 negatives)

- Converting magnetic tape to digital video 


Court Displays/Exhibits
- Demonstrative Exhibits

- Large format printing
- Digital presentations/animations
- Bulk Printing
- Image capture and/or video recordings



- Photography training

- Equipment Recommendations

- Image processing and file management



Request for Video and Imaging Services 

Forensic Imaging Submission Guidelines


Contact Information  

To see if the F.I.U. can assist you, please contact us at or refer to the contact information for the lab in your service area.