The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is a software program developed and provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to National DNA Index System (NDIS) participating laboratories. Each participating laboratory must meet specific requirements to participate in the use of the CODIS Software. The purpose of CODIS is to generate investigative leads in cases where DNA evidence is collected from the crime scene.


There are three levels within the CODIS software which compare DNA profiles:


Local (LDIS)

- Specific to individual laboratories within the state

- Contains: 

     Primarily evidence profiles


State (SDIS)

- Specific to the state of WI

- Contains:

     Evidence profiles uploaded from LDIS laboratories

     Convicted offender and some arrestee profiles


National (NDIS)

- Maintained by the FBI for all laboratories (federal, state, and local) that participate in CODIS

- Contains:

     Evidence profiles uploaded from SDIS laboratories

     Offender and arrestee profiles uploaded from SDIS laboratories


NDIS participating laboratories must have designated CODIS Administrators (and Alternate CODIS Administrators) at SDIS and each LDIS laboratory.


Administrator responsibilities include:

- Manage and maintain CODIS for their respective state or local laboratory

- Point of contact for other NDIS laboratories, FBI’s NDIS Custodian/CODIS Unit

- Maintain security, integrity, and quality of data in CODIS


Additional Resources

CODIS & NDIS Fact Sheet

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Contact Information

Please direct any questions about CODIS to , or refer to the contact information for the lab in your service area.