Special Investigations Bureau


In April 2016, the Attorney General created the Bureau of Special Investigations in response to Legislative Act 348 as a way to bring focused management and transparency to investigations involving use of force by law enforcement that result in death. The Special Investigations Bureau is a multi-disciplinary unit, comprised of sworn and civilian staff, under the supervision of the Director of Special Investigations. The Bureau provides focused management of Officer Involved Death (OID) investigations and other programs requiring heightened awareness and coordination. The Bureau consists of three dedicated OID Special Agents, who coordinate the investigation and prosecution of OID incidents with the assistance of the DCI Major Crimes unit.


The Bureau of Special Investigations also consists of the DCI Public Records Unit, which is a collaborative team that operates in conjunction with the Department of Justice, Office of Open Government (OOG) to respond to public requests for records. The DCI Public Records team works directly with the attorneys of the OOG to provide timely dissemination of records to the public, media, and individual requestors. Their duties also include the review and preparation of all materials received and prepared in the course of OID investigations, and the distribution to the public as mandated by Wisconsin Statute §175.47.   


The Special Investigations Bureau also has as its focus:

  • Providing leadership within the law enforcement community;
  • Providing training related to OID investigations and Public Records to law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys throughout the state

The Support Services team is another component of the Special Investigations Bureau. Comprised of seven staff and one supervisor, the team supports and manages DCI’s daily business as well as the ever-changing operational needs of the administration; criminal and digital analysts, and sworn staff.  Support Services works closely with other agency partners to further the goals and functions of the Division by procuring the training, equipment, and other tools that are vital to the safe and effective application of state-level law enforcement.  Examples of this support work include: in-taking and processing case evidence both from DCI and from outside agencies; tracking, maintaining, and replenishing the essential clothing, field equipment, program kits, and tools that agents need while working at critical incident scenes and in the field; managing the paperwork for incident reporting, and facilitating the maintenance and repair for a fleet of over 100 squads.  Support Services assists in the planning, procurement, and coordinating of DCI’s many conferences, trainings, and schools held for other law enforcement organizations throughout the state.  In addition, Support Services performs all of the fundamental day to day operations from triaging and dispatching phone calls, processing financials, creating metrics and reports to countless special projects ranging from mobile device deployments to high profile case support.  And finally, the Support Services staff provides invaluable peer support to DCI personnel.


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