Safe Seniors Camera Program

Safe Seniors Camera Program

The Safe Seniors Camera Program, managed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), helps concerned loved ones stop suspected in-home caregivers from abusing elderly and disabled patients. The program allows Wisconsin residents, who suspect an in-home caregiver is abusing their loved one, to use a covert camera to provide surveillance over someone who may have been harmed by a caregiver in their residence. DOJ will provide DOJ-owned cameras and memory cards, through local partner law enforcement agencies, to a community member who contacts the DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and signs a contract. Participants will receive a camera and memory card for up to 30 days, and are required to, on a daily basis, save any recordings and notify a local law enforcement agency or DCI of any recordings that the resident believes may depict illegal conduct.

To participate in the program, please follow these steps:

  1. To get started, use the form on this page to request information, or contact DOJ at 608-267-1313 and leave a voicemail with all of your contact information to start the application process.
  2. A DOJ staff member or local law enforcement agency will contact you with further information on how to fill out the application, and to schedule an appointment to retrieve the camera.

At this appointment you will:

  • Provide a signed copy of your application with all of your current contact information.
  • Review rules of how you should and should not utilize the hidden camera.
  • Receive a brief tutorial on how to utilize the hidden camera so you can properly record, view, and save footage.

After 30-days you will return the hidden camera to your law enforcement contact. A request to extend the loan of the camera may be made and will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Get Started

Submit this form to request that a DOJ staff member or local law enforcement agency contact you with further information regarding the Safe Seniors Camera Program application process.

I understand a member of the Department of Justice staff will be in contact in the near future to respond to my needs for this program. I further understand that, if there is an immediate danger, I should contact local law enforcement immediately.