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Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force


In September 1998, the U.S. Department of Justice began a national Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force program to counter the emerging threat of offenders using the Internet or other online technology to sexually exploit children. Under this program, regional ICAC task forces serve as sources of prevention, education and investigative expertise to provide assistance to parents, teachers, law enforcement and other professionals working on child victimization issues. Wisconsin's ICAC Task Force has been administered through the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation since its inception in the spring of 1999.


The Wisconsin ICAC Task Force is a national leader in fighting Internet crimes against children. The task force is comprised of Wisconsin Department of Justice personnel as well as police and sheriff’s departments from around the state.



Human Trafficking


The fight against human trafficking is a fight that requires a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach. In 2015, DOJ and the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) implemented the Wisconsin Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. Since its inception, the task force has been developing a cross-system, trauma-informed service and response systems for minors who have been trafficked or are at-risk of being trafficked.   In September, 2017, the creation of a human trafficking bureau in the Division of Criminal Investigation was announced.


Please see the entire Press Release.


DOJ encourages both rural and urban public agency executives and business owners, particularly those in the hospitality and service industries, to download and display anti-human trafficking posters. The posters can be downloaded at no cost online. For more information about human trafficking in Wisconsin, and how you can help victims and end the demand, go to www.BeFreeWisconsin.com.


For more information about human trafficking, please visit the Office of Crime Victims Services site at https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs/human-trafficking



Contact Information for ICAC/HT:

Jesse Crowe
WI ICAC Task Force Commander


Tammy Taubel

WI Deputy ICAC Commander


Melissa Fus

WI Human Trafficking Special Agent in Charge


(608) 266-1671








Policing in cyberspace presents unique challenges for American law enforcement. Very few cases start and end within the same jurisdiction, and therefore nearly all ICAC investigations require extensive multi-agency collaboration. The Special Agents assigned to Wisconsin's ICAC Task Force have multi-jurisdictional authority as they investigate and prosecute those individuals who use the Internet to exploit children.


The primary responsibilities of Wisconsin's ICAC Task Force include:


  • Conducting investigations and prosecuting offenders.
  • Providing investigative and prosecutorial assistance to police agencies and prosecutors (e.g., forensic analysis of computers seized as evidence).
  • Providing training for law enforcement officers and prosecutors.
  • Providing training for parents, teachers and other community members and distributing informational materials to ensure that children, parents, and other individuals and organizations are well-acquainted with the issues in this area, including potential problems and the availability of assistance.
  • Fostering continual statewide and regional coordination, collaboration, information sharing, networking and service integration.


The Wisconsin ICAC Task Force includes a partnership with a growing list of local law enforcement agencies and Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the state.


For more information about the National ICAC Task Force Program, and their Internet Safety resources, visit their website.


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