Wisconsin Forensic Interview Guidelines Training

Feb 5 2021 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Event Location: 
Virtual - Zoom

This five-day, interactive program is designed to introduce participants to the Wisconsin Forensic Interview Guidelines. Learners will develop forensic interview skills by increasing their knowledge of the process of disclosure, the impact of language and development, effects of trauma, and question strategies that contribute to dynamics of memories and suggestibility. Learners will also engage in practice opportunities for conducting developmentally appropriate forensic interviews of children alleged as child abuse victims or children who have witnessed abuse or violence. All content will be reflected in the concept that forensic interviews have the purpose of gathering accurate information from children about events they experience.


The program is specifically designed for professionals whose primary role is conducting forensic interviews of children and adolescents. These professionals can include, but are not limited to, forensic interview specialists, law enforcement officers, child protective service workers, and juvenile justice personnel. Those who should apply and will be given priority registration are those who conduct regular forensic interviews and engage in peer review, as is best practice.

It is required that all attendees actively participate and complete the full 5 days of training to receive a certificate.


Wisconsin Forensic Interview Guidelines Training
5-days, Mondays & Fridays over 2 weeks
Virtual Platform
Day 1: Friday January 29, 2021
Day 2: Monday February 1, 2021
Day 3: Friday February 5, 2021
Day 4: Monday February 8, 2021
Day 5: Friday February 12, 2021