72 Conversations on Keeping Wisconsin Safe

Friday, September 16, 2016

I was a local county official before I was elected Wisconsin’s Attorney General in 2014. My lifelong law enforcement career taught me that state government must be held accountable and made a partner in the fight against crime. As Waukesha District Attorney I saw the importance of statewide leaders taking the time to listen to the challenges local officials are facing in their communities. And as Wisconsin’s Attorney General, I need to be aware of the public safety concerns in our state – which are constantly changing.


Over the last two months I have made stops in thirteen counties and over the next year I will be making stops in all remaining Wisconsin counties to meet with local law enforcement and elected officials to discuss the public safety concerns in their communities. Already, we’re discovering that major public safety concerns can vary dramatically, even in neighboring counties.


I have made it my personal mission to combat the prescription opioid and heroin abuse epidemic, and while this continues to be a major problem for many parts of our state, some counties have other major concerns such as increased methamphetamine use and difficulties with recruiting new law enforcement.


So, I’m on a mission to find out: what’s working? What’s not? Where do you need more resources? And how can the Wisconsin Department of Justice help your communities stay safe? The Wisconsin Department of Justice can’t do it on their own. Local law enforcement can’t do it on their own. Together, we can keep Wisconsin safe.


For information about your county’s roundtable meeting and to track the Attorney General’s travel across Wisconsin, go to: https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ag-roundtable-map.