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attorney general j.b. van hollen announces new website dedicated to medical forensics


The new website offers information about training and assistance

for nurses in evidence collection for sexual assault investigation.


MADISON — With April marking Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is pleased to announce a new Wisconsin Department of Justice website, dedicated to facilitating training and technical assistance for professionals who practice medical forensics, which includes Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE) programs.  The medical forensic program provides training and technical assistance for healthcare providers and nurses as well as Sexual Assault and Response Team and community members who are interested in creating medical forensic programs.  These programs employ nurses to care for patients who have suffered sexual assault. They are based on the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations established by the U.S. Department of Justice -- Office on Violence Against Women, which utilizes an interdisciplinary, community-based approach for the dignified and compassionate care and treatment of sexual assault patients.  Visit the new Wisconsin Department of Justice website here:


“Sexual assault is one of the most horrific of crimes,” Attorney General Van Hollen said.  “It’s incredibly important we tend to the victims of sexual assault with compassion and utmost sensitivity while gathering evidence critical to a successful prosecution.  This program and new resource are designed to ensure those who do medical forensic exams have the necessary training and are available to respond.”


Healthcare professionals are among the first to come to the aid of sexual assault victims.  The professionals who treat sexual assault survivors are responsible for treating the patient’s physical injuries as well as collecting the evidence that is used to identify, prosecute and convict perpetrators of sexual assault.  This is an essential step in protecting both the patient from further victimization and preventing other community members from becoming victims. 


The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) is hosting, through grants received from the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), four statewide medical forensic trainings, designed to sustain and expand the SANE programs in Wisconsin.  The next training is the week of April 28th at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints in Racine.  For more information or to register for one of the trainings, please visit the following link: SANE Training Registration


Reminder:  Denim Day 2014 is TOMORROW


The Department of Justice is participating in Denim Day on April 23rd.  The Denim Day tradition of wearing denim in solidarity with victims of sexual assault began in response to an Italian court ruling overturning a rape conviction because the judge believed that the victim’s jeans were so tight that the perpetrator could not have removed them without her assistance.