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Van Hollen Meets With Winnebago County Leaders at Law Enforcement Roundtable Hosted by Senator Randy Hopper


OSHKOSH - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen met today with law enforcement leaders, elected officials, community leaders, judges, and public safety officials from throughout Winnebago County at a law enforcement roundtable hosted by State Senator Hopper.   


Topics discussed at the roundtable included the sex offender registry, open meetings and public records, drunk driving, public defender eligibility requirements, the need for more state prosecutors and the domestic partnership lawsuit. 


"I would like to extend a thank you to Senator Hopper for organizing this successful roundtable. Each county has public safety issues that specifically affect them. While many of these issues affect the entire state, it is important for me to understand how the Department of Justice can assist Winnebago County," Van Hollen said. "Sharing information between the Department of Justice, the State Legislature, and local agencies helps law enforcement at every level." 


"Protecting our citizens is the single most important thing government does. It's critical in these times of difficult budgets that we prioritize public safety and ensure our law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to keep us safe," said Hopper. "I thank Attorney General Van Hollen for continuing to take the time to engage in a dialogue with local officials on public safety issues." 


"I thank Senator Hopper for attending and helping to put together this roundtable," said Van Hollen. "These discussions help us in state government do a better job."