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Statement In Chiew Chan Saevang Investigation


DCI Positively Identified North Carolina Suspect in Quadruple Murder;
 Assisted in Locating Two Subjects


WAUSAU - On Sunday, March 15th the Wisconsin Department of Justice-Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) was contacted by the North Carolina Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NCBCI) and requested to assist in the investigation of a quadruple homicide that occurred in Catawba County, North Carolina on Thursday, March 12th.

North Carolina authorities advised DCI that a mother and her three children, residents of Catawba County, were brutally murdered on Thursday morning and a trace of a firearm recovered at the scene revealed that the weapon had been linked to a resident of Appleton, WI. NCBCI and Catawba Co. investigators advised they were en route to WI and requested the assistance of DCI in locating the subject identified as being linked to the murder weapon.


DCI Special Agents working jointly with members of the Appleton Police Department immediately began an investigation into the location and identity of the owner of the recovered firearm. DCI Special Agents identified a number of persons associated with the owner of the firearm. Through records examinations, numerous extensive interviews as well as physical surveillance of a number of locations, the  suspect in the homicide was subsequently identified as Chiew Chan Saevang. Saevang was identified as having resided in Schofield, WI.


Through additional interviews, it was discovered that Saevang was in Wausau as recently as Sunday and was reported to be packing up some personal effects. Saevang made statements that he was going to pick-up his girlfriend, identified as Yer Yang. Yang also had an apartment in Wausau, WI. Investigation revealed that Saevang drove from Wausau to Madison on late Sunday or early Monday and picked-up Yang at the Madison airport after she exited a flight from North Carolina.


The two then fled the state. On Tuesday night, Special Agents were able to determine that there was a high probability that Saevang and Yang were traveling in a vehicle registered to Saevang out of Schofield at which time a national Be On The Look Out (BOLO) was issued for Saevang's vehicle.


Seven minutes after the Be On The Look Out was issued, a Utah State Trooper located Saevang's vehicle in Utah. Utah State Police attempted to stop Saevang's vehicle but he refused to stop. A high-speed pursuit ensued which resulted in Saevang striking another vehicle causing a crash that resulted in Saevang's vehicle going down an embankment. As the Utah State Trooper approached the vehicle, it burst into flames. The Trooper removed both Saevang and Yang from the vehicle. Utah authorities report that both subjects may have died from an apparent murder-suicide.


The investigation into the North Carolina homicide continued on Wednesday with DCI Special Agents applying for and executing a search warrant at the apartment of Yang in Wausau. Recovered from the residence were several documents along with personal effects to establish that both Saevang and Yang frequented the residence. 


This cooperative investigation between law enforcement agencies from across the United States resulted in the identification and the subsequent location of two very dangerous individuals. Without the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation's expertise as well as the tireless efforts of the Special Agents and their ability to coordinate with law enforcement agencies across many jurisdictional lines the success of this investigation would not have been achieved.