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Van Hollen Meets With Manitowoc County Leaders At Law Enforcement Roundtable Hosted By Senator Joe Leibham


MANITOWOC - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen met today with law enforcement leaders, elected officials, community leaders, judges, and public safety officials from throughout Manitowoc County at a law enforcement roundtable hosted by State Senator Joe Leibham. 


Topics discussed at the roundtable included adverse impact of budget cuts to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, truancy and communication issues in schools, drunk driving laws, sex offender residency in municipalities, drivers card for illegal aliens, the open carry memo and Internet Crimes Against Children.


"I would like to extend a thank you to Senator Leibham for organizing this successful roundtable. Each county has public safety issues that specifically affect them. While many of these issues affect the entire state, it is important for me to understand how the Department of Justice can assist Manitowoc County," Van Hollen said. "Sharing information between the Department of Justice, the State Legislature, and local agencies helps law enforcement at every level."


"I appreciate that Attorney General Van Hollen visited with us today in Manitowoc County and took the time to listen to and dialog with our area law enforcement personnel and public leaders," Senator Leibham said. "Public safety and the proper enforcement of our laws are two key issues in Manitowoc and it is helpful when the state's top law enforcement officer is out actively listening to and assisting those in the field."

"I thank Senator Leibham for attending and helping to put together this roundtable," said Van Hollen. "These discussions help us in state government do a better job."