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Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen Addresses Prosecutor Shortage And Discussed Drunk Driving


Madison There are glaring deficiencies in assistant district attorney positions across Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said today in an interview with Wisconsin Eye. Attorney General Van Hollen addressed Wisconsins prosecutor shortage in the interview saying there is an egregiously low number of assistant district attorneys across Wisconsin in the fight against crime.


Attorney General Van Hollen has participated with Wisconsins District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys in their efforts to raise the critical issue of prosecutor shortages. The Attorney General also reports he has heard from local law enforcement officials from across the state during his Law Enforcement Roundtables speak to the need for more assistant district attorneys and modifications to assistant district attorney pay progression now in place in an effort to retain experienced prosecutors.


In the interview, the Attorney General discussed the issue of drunk driving in Wisconsin and the various proposals under consideration proposed to reduce repeat drunk drivers.


Speaking of his legislative agenda as the Legislature considers Wisconsins biennial budget, Attorney General Van Hollen said he hopes they will once again consider his proposal from the last legislative session to create the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network and assist in the statewide implementation of HR 218, the federal law allowing retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons.


Those interested in the interview are encourage to view it at WisconsinEye