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Van Hollen Comments On Government Accountability Board's Decision To Voluntarily Perform The HAVA Checks Van Hollen Sought In His Election Integrity Lawsuit


Litigation is no longer necessary, Van Hollen says.


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued the following statement today commenting on the GABs decision to perform HAVA checks on all voter registrations occurring after January 1, 2006:


I commend the Government Accountability Board for taking the long overdue action to require HAVA checks on all voter registrations occurring after January 1, 2006.  The law requires todays action.


When I made the difficult decision to file suit against the Government Accountability Board last September, I did so to try to ensure that laws requiring HAVA checks would be followed.  Thats my job.   The fact is, these election laws werent being followed. 


It is unfortunate that todays action didnt happen months ago, before I filed the lawsuit.  If, at that time, the Government Accountability Board had formally recognized that the law must be followed as theyve done today and resolved to come into compliance with the law as expeditiously as feasible, then a lawsuit might well have been avoided. 


Just as a lawsuit would have been unnecessary if GAB had been taking affirmative and purposeful strides towards full legal compliance this summer and fall, my appeal of the Dane County Circuit Courts erroneous decision is also now unnecessary.  By setting a schedule to perform all required HAVA checks and establishing a protocol to use those checks to help ensure an accurate voter list, the Government Accountability Board is now making purposeful strides towards full compliance.      


Todays action by the Government Accountability Board isnt ideal.  It is never ideal to be out-of-compliance with the law, particularly for more than three years.  But I am pleased the Government Accountability Board has now resolved to follow the law.