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Milwaukee Hazardous Waste Transporter Ordered To Half Accumulation Of Waste Until It Complies With State Law


MILWAUKEE - On February 12, 2009, the Wisconsin Department of Justice filed a civil hazardous complaint and obtained a temporary injunction against EOG Environmental, Inc. (EOG).  EOG is a licensed hazardous waste transporter with a facility at 8111 West Bradley Road, City of Milwaukee. 


The action filed against EOG alleges that it committed a series of hazard waste regulation violations including illegal storage and treatment of hazardous waste, and failing to properly store, maintain, and label its waste.  The temporary injunction was sought at the request of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) after an inspection on January 27, 2009, revealed that EOG was storing incompatible waste together, failing to maintain sufficient aisle space, and storing hazardous waste beyond the 10 days that it was allowed under its transport license.


At the hearing on February 12, the Honorable Francis T. Wasielewski found that these violations had occurred and pose an imminent and substantial danger to health or the environment if they are not corrected.  Judge Wasielewski ordered that EOG immediately segregate incompatible wastes and maintain sufficient aisle space.  He also ordered that EOG accept no additional hazardous waste at their business until it comes into compliance with the 10 day time limit and remove all stored hazardous waste within 30 days that is not within the 10 day rule.


"The injunction is significant because EOG's violations posed safety and health risks to Milwaukee residents," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.  "The Judge recognized this and ordered an immediate response.   My Department will continue to work with the DNR to ensure that hazardous waste laws are complied with."


"Other Wisconsin hazardous waste businesses that have undergone extensive and expensive licensing and approvals processes to store and treat hazardous waste  should not be put at a competitive disadvantage by those violating the law," said Van Hollen.


The DNR carried out the hazardous waste inspections in this case and requested the restraining order that was issued.  The State was represented by Assistant Attorney General Steven Tinker.