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Attorney General Van Hollen Launches New Public Education Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Threats Posed By Unsecured Prescription Drugs


Campaign Encourages Parents to Safeguard Prescription Drugs


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced a new public education campaign to raise awareness of threats posed by unsecured prescription drugs today at a press conference held in the State Capitol. The public education campaign involves the airing of television and radio spots throughout Wisconsin in conjunction with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association's Public Education Program.


"Safeguarding prescription drugs may save your child's life or that of another teen and will certainly make your schools safer," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. "The facts are staggering. Sixty percent of our teenagers report they have access to controlled substances in and around their homes. Two in ten have abused them to get high."


"Schools and classrooms are upset with the trade and sale of your drugs," said Van Hollen. "These aren't brought up in the Mexican Drug Cartels and distributed by Criminal Illegal Aliens and Gangsthey come home in your amber plastic prescription bottles and go out in your child's pocket or backpack."


To combat this trend, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has sponsored, along with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, a public education program designed to encourage parents and family members to secure their prescriptions.


"Countless Americans benefit from the proper use of prescription drugs under the supervision of doctors. But,  when these unsecured prescription medications are made available to others for nonmedical use the genie is out of the bottle," said Van Hollen. "Addiction, hospitalization, and too often, overdose death follows."


To see the new television spots and to hear the radio spots, please visit the Department of Justice's media center.


Additional information about the Wisconsin Broadcasters Associations Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement/Public Education Program is available at