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Van Hollen Announces Reorganization Of The Division Of Criminal Investigation


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today a reorganization of the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation.


"DCI is an effective law enforcement agency, staffed by dedicated law enforcement professionals, men and women who place their lives at risk to serve the public," Van Hollen said.  "Our agents investigate crimes of statewide importance.  They are leaders in the fight against Internet Crimes Against Children and narcotics enforcement.  And they provide needed assistance to local law enforcement in investigating crimes such as homicide and fraud."


"The work DCI does is vital to public safety, and DCI has done that work well," Van Hollen continued.  "But we must always look at ways to improve our service to local law enforcement and the public, to find ways to be more efficient and effective."


"I asked DCI Administrator Mike Myszewski to take a look at the organization, take what he has heard from agents and local law enforcement, and recommend any changes that could help DCI increase investigative efficiency, enhance the level of local service, and run a more cost-effective Division.  After a thorough review process involving DCI directors and supervisors, he proposed a reorganization that I believe will do just that.  This reorganization will improve responsiveness to local law enforcement and efficiency."


The reorganization will decentralize reporting authority, moving many operational decisions away from Madison to the Special Agents in Charge who supervise Special Agents and field offices.  The majority of Special Agents in the field who formerly reported to supervisors in Madison will now report to supervisors in their field offices.  This will create a direct line of supervision and a direct point of contact in the field offices for local law enforcement, thereby improving DCI responsiveness to local law enforcement and streamlining communications.


In addition, the reorganization streamlines management, eliminating three management positions (1 Bureau Director and 2 Special Agents in Charge) which will enable DCI to maximize the number of Special Agents while increasing investigative services, increasing organizational efficiency, and reducing cost.   


Prior to the reorganization, supervisory lines were built on the type of investigations an agent did as opposed to location, and Special Agents who were not in the narcotics bureau reported to Madison, without a supervisor in their field office.


The Division of Criminal Investigation investigates crimes that are statewide in nature or importance. DCI special agents work closely with local officials to investigate and prosecute crimes such as arson, internet crimes against children, drug trafficking, government corruption, and financial crimes. Upon request, DCI assists local law enforcement agencies in cases involving homicides and multi-jurisdictional theft or fraud. In addition, DCI provides extensive training to local, state and federal officers.


DCI has field offices in Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, Superior, Wausau, and Appleton.  Its staff is led by Administrator Michael G. Myszewski, and includes sworn law enforcement officers, criminal analysts, and support personnel.