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DOJ Partners With U.S. Attorneys On Terrorism Training


Over 250 Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Service and Emergency Management Personnel Attend Annual Training Session


STEVENS POINT - The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Wisconsin Statewide Information Center (WSIC), in partnership with the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council of the United State's Attorney's Offices in the Eastern and Western Districts, this week hosted a two day training session on Counter Terrorism in Wisconsin.


Over 250 local, state and federal law enforcement, fire, emergency service and emergency management personnel attended the third annual event.  The training conference featured guest speakers on topics such as the Threat Liaison Officer Program, Domestic Terrorism Prosecutions, Militia and Sovereign Citizen Groups, the Terrorism Screening Center, Money Laundering & Terrorism Funding, Law Enforcement Guide to Arabic Culture and Islam as well as Current Trends in Global Terrorism. Speakers from Israel and across the United States provided valuable insight to our state's emergency service community.


"As Attorney General, I remain committed to our emergency service community in doing everything possible to keep our state and country safe from terrorist groups intent on doing us harm", said Van Hollen. "This valuable training, co-sponsored with our partners from the U.S. Attorney Offices, is an excellent example of how state and federal agencies can work together to give our first responders the training they need to help protect the public."

The WSIC is the state's intelligence fusion center and is operated by the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation. The intelligence fusion center's mission is to share information and intelligence across boundaries and jurisdictions to assure the best possible detection and response to criminal incidents, terrorist acts, and disasters, whether natural or man made.


The Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, led by the U.S. Attorney, is comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement representatives to address domestic and international terrorism issues.