Joint State-Federal Mortgage Servicing Settlements

The last several years have been difficult ones for Wisconsin homeowners. A surge in subprime mortgage lending, followed by a drop in housing values, put many families in a place they never imagined they’d be: underwater, in debt and facing foreclosure. A bad situation was made worse by lenders and mortgage servicers who pursued foreclosure through a pattern of illegal, unfair and deceptive practices. In some cases, people lost their homes even though they were able and willing to make reasonable payments. The aggressive pursuit of foreclosure also caused a glut of empty and unsalable homes that devalued neighborhood property and created a public safety hazard.


The Wisconsin Attorney General is part of a bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general, state bank regulators and federal agencies that are holding the nation’s largest mortgage servicers accountable for their conduct by commencing legal actions and entering into comprehensive consent judgments that will provide relief and reforms now. The information and links below provide detailed information about the consent judgments and the rights and remedies that are available to the people of Wisconsin.





Customers seeking assistance may contact the following numbers:


  • Bank of America: 1-877-488-7814
  • Citigroup:             1-866-272-4749
  • Chase:                   1-866-372-6901
  • Ally/GMAC:         1-800-766-4622
  • Wells Fargo:          1-800-288-3212








For other inquiries, problems, or to report a settlement violation, contact our Consumer Protection hotline at 1-800-998-0700 or (608) 266-1852, or send an email to