Division of Law Enforcement Services

Crime Laboratory Bureau


The mission of the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory Bureau is to provide quality forensic analyses in the interest of criminal justice, performed in a timely manner, communicated in a clear and unbiased fashion, and to complement that with non-biased, effective, and competent expert testimony for the trier of fact.


This mission is shaped by the Legislature, as stated in the enabling legislation, and by the policies and programs of the Attorney General as the elected head of the Wisconsin Department of Justice.


Laboratory staff examine questioned materials and compare them with known standards. Examples include examining DNA, fingerprints, bullets, or fibers from a crime scene, or identifying a drug or blood alcohol level. Results might confirm information already gathered or change the focus an investigation to a different direction.


The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories are accredited by the ASCLD/LAB International Program, ISO/IEC 17025:2005.  The current accreditation was granted September 17, 2012.