Division of Law Enforcement Services

CIB Conference Session Info


Domestic Terrorism - This course explains the motivations of violent criminal extremists who are driven by events occurring in the United States. These individuals and groups have no foreign direction or guidance. The discussion will include criminal threats from militias, sovereign citizens, and white supremacists as well as single-issue terrorism. It examines investigative, response, and officer safety strategies for agency use in identifying and managing domestic criminal extremist cases.


Human Trafficking - Detective Dawn Jones will provide training on children victims of foreign and domestic trafficking under existing federal and state anti-Human Trafficking / Sex Trafficking laws. The training will cover a number of topics including the methods traffickers employ to recruit and compel their victims into trafficking, the dynamics and organization of a trafficking operation, the unique needs of trafficking victims and tips on how to conduct an effective and fruitful interview of a trafficking victim. 


Legal Update: To be determined


Prison Radicalization and Correctional Intelligence Sources - This presentation explores how law enforcement agencies can incorporate the intelligence potential from correctional departments into criminal cases, including those that involve terrorism. Topics include the intelligence potential of correctional departments, laws governing agency information sharing, potential sources of inmate intelligence, and possible sources of intelligence within the inmate population that correlate to criminal activities in the community.


TIME System & Interface Update - We will review recent changes that affect the Wisconsin TIME System.  This will include: new transactions and functionality, eTIME Browser, and more. If your department accesses the TIME System via an interface or you are responsible within your agency to meet the CJIS Security policy requirements you should attend this meeting to discuss changes to the TIME System and the CJIS Security Policy.


Whats New in Interop - Discussions about FirstNet, Next Generation 911 & land mobile radio (LMR).


Work Place Culture & Civility - Disrespectful behavior is a growing problem in the workplace. The way that we treat people and the way that we allow others to be treated reflects our organizational and personal values. When unaddressed, disrespectful behavior contributes to an atmosphere of mistrust, gossip, and low morale. A toxic workplace has the ability to negatively impact most functions within a department or work group and increases chances for potential acts of workplace violence. Our goal is to assist organizations and employees in recognizing this problem and to teach skills for dealing with conflict and difficult situations before they escalate. A working environment built on respectful leadership, trust and a feeling of security helps everyone do his or her best work.