Internet Crimes Against Children

For Parents Safety Tips:


  • The best way to protect your children online is through creating and maintaining open lines of communication. Internet safety is about parenting --- software programs alone will not protect your children.
  • Prepare your children for the online world as you would the real world.  Talk to them about dangers and risks online.  Talk with your children about their online activity, including the websites they are visiting, the people they are communicating with, the information they are posting about themselves, and any situations that make them feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.
  • Establish a positive relationship with your children before someone else does.  Online predators will tell your children that they love them --- you should do the same.
  • Place computers in common areas where supervision can occur.
  • Sign an Internet safety pledge with your child.
  • Create and post Internet use guidelines and rules.
  • Know your child's passwords, screen names and account information.
  • Advise your children against downloading items from unknown sources.  The items may be inappropriate for your children to see, may contain copyrighted material, or may infect your computer with viruses.
  • Learn as much as you can about the Internet and the places your children are visiting.  Keep current on child exploitation trends on the Internet.
  • Report online child exploitation incidents to the CyberTipline, contact the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force at (608) 266-1671, or call local law enforcement.