ICAC Task Force

Policing in cyberspace presents unique challenges for American law enforcement. Very few cases start and end within the same jurisdiction, and therefore nearly all ICAC investigations require extensive multi-agency collaboration. The Special Agents assigned to Wisconsin's ICAC Task Force have multi-jurisdictional authority as they investigate and prosecute those individuals who use the Internet to exploit children.


The primary responsibilities of Wisconsin's ICAC Task Force include:


  • Conducting investigations and prosecuting offenders.
  • Providing investigative and prosecutorial assistance to police agencies and prosecutors (e.g., forensic analysis of computers seized as evidence).
  • Providing training for law enforcement officers and prosecutors.
  • Providing training for parents, teachers and other community members and distributing informational materials to ensure that children, parents, and other individuals and organizations are well-acquainted with the issues in this area, including potential problems and the availability of assistance.
  • Fostering continual statewide and regional coordination, collaboration, information sharing, networking and service integration.


The Wisconsin ICAC Task Force includes a partnership with a growing list of local law enforcement agencies and Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the state, which has continued to grow since 2008.


For more information about the National ICAC Task Force Program, and their Internet Safety resources, visit their website.